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Generate sales leads easily with a website


The most challenging part of sales has always been consistently finding qualified leads. Any sales professional today is familiar with all the traditional methods of generating leads such as referrals, cold calling, or direct mail. Generating leads through a website or blog is something only few have tried. While websites aren’t as old as these methods they’re not new either especially since apps became main stream. They have been around so long that websites are common practice in business and sales today. Websites such as Autotrader and Property24 that help sellers meet buyers have sprouted up in almost every industry opening another door for trade. This has evolved into apps such as Uber and AirBnb but the concept remains the same.

Financial Advisers

This makes websites a tried and tested modern method to find people who are looking for what you are selling. Any sales professional can benefit from this. Perhaps one of the most difficult profession to consistently find clients in is financial services, particularly financial advisers. Most financial advisers today still rely on just the traditional methods to prospect new clients. By having their own website or blog they can generate quality sales leads a lot easier than asking clients for referrals or spend hour’s cold calling.

Generating leads

There are hundreds of searches every day on Google for financial products and services. The words “financial adviser” get searched on an average of 15 times an hour. With all the other words that people use to search financial services they are looking for there are thousands of opportunities a day for a website to get a hit. Using search engine optimization Generate leads, Financial advisors, Generate leads through a website or blog, Quality sales leads, generating leads for financial advisorswill get the website to the top of the results page so that more people visit the website. Once people are on the website then conversion optimization in the form of calls-to-action and contact forms allow visitors to leave their details for the financial adviser to contact them. There are many ways a website or blog can generate leads. What makes an effective lead generating website is the quality of the content.


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  1. Excellent blog on educating those business individuals through using today’s technology for marketing their product or service.


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